Monday, March 2, 2015

Shelby's Boudoir Debut

Funny thing is, lovely Shelby had a 3 hour notice that I needed her as a boudoir model. And even without hours (even days) of preparing and primping, Shelby totally nailed this session.

It was a first for us both. I am a portrait photographer but never dabbled in boudoir at all. I've gaze at the beautiful boudoir images online and dreamed of having sexy models lining up at my studio door. So when my initial model couldn't make our scheduled session, I made a quick call to Shelby.

Now imagine a typical snowy western Pennsylvania afternoon, roads are slushy, air is chilly,  and Shelby is supposed to be at home working on a school Power Point project. She gets my text, drops everything, shaves her legs, packs some lingerie, and meets me at an old restored farm house for a few hours of boudoir practice.

Her friend tags along for moral support and I have my stylist already there for all the primping and fussing we may need.

And then the fun began! What an afternoon. I hope you enjoy the images from my very first boudoir session. I know there's room to improve but I am very happy with the images. 

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